2014 Gift Guide

While choosing gifts for everyone on your list might be a little complicated, not to mention incredibly time consuming, gift-giving can be fun and easy if you follow a general rule of thumb: choose a gift that you know the recipient would love, but would never treat themselves to.
Of course, that means something else for everyone. For someone who’s really into wine, that might mean an elegant wine bottle opener. The consummate hostess would probably appreciate monogrammed hand towels, or a beautiful pair of salad tongs. But whether the gift you’re giving is big or small, carefully planned or hastily chucked into a cart, make sure it’s accompanied by a nice note, beautifully wrapped, and sealed with love. That will take any gift over the top, and let the recipient know just how much they mean to you.
xx, Chaya

2014 gift guide


1. Kate Spade’s playful gold-dotted vase + a bouquet of pink tulips = the ultimate chic gift. $150

2. I’m big on handwritten notes and postcards, and love these retro, classically crafted letters that come in a neat package of 6. $16

3.  Give a tea lover the gift of Harney & Son’s carefully crafted teas (bonus: they have gorgeous packaging!) and they’ll enjoy a delicious drink as well as downtime. $8.00-20.00

4. Raw Spice Bar’s “Spice of the Month Club” will deliver 3-4 fresh ground spice blends straight to your door, once a month, for the ultimate gourmet indulgence. $68

5. Adorable, handmade, heart shaped nesting bowls make a versatile gift: they can be used as catchalls, jewelry holders, mezze dishes and more. $36

6. In today’s day and age, most pictures are stored online, their printed fate never to be realized. But for taking a trip down memory lane, nothing can beat tangible pictures, especially when tucked into this cute and cheeky photo album. $16

7. Anyone would appreciate this fun and colorful thermos, which is portable, lead-free, and can hold up to 16 oz. of fresh, steaming hot java. $18.95

8. I’m a bit of bookworm and love collecting pretty books, especially classics. These beautifully designed, cloth-bound books will make a lovely addition to anyone’s personal library, and are a thoughtful, timeless gift.

9. These headphones perfectly straddle the balance between punk-rock and feminine, and turn an everyday item into something posh.

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5 thoughts on “2014 Gift Guide

  1. Ooo that vase is gorgeous! I love almost anything Kate Spade. And those books are so beautiful, almost too beautiful to read…love this list. 🙂

  2. So cute! Great ideas xx

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