How to: Giftwrap 3 Ways

It’s December! And you know what that means. Presents, presents, presents. For you, for me, for everyone!
When I’m giving gifts to people, I like to put some thought into how they’re presented. Rather than leaving the wrapping up to the salespeople, I’ll wrap the gifts myself; this way, I can add personal touches to each gift, depending on the recipient.
Here, I wrapped one gift 3 different ways, using the same polka dotted/neutral (double-sided) wrapping paper. I loved trying out different variations on one gift-wrap, and can’t wait to give out some gifts this season. As much fun as it is to receive gifts, nothing feels as good as giving, and with this fun tutorial, you’ll be wrapping + giving beautiful gifts in no time!

DIY Giftwrap 3 Ways

1. Things you’ll need: a gift, scissors, scotch tape, neutral/printed gift wrap (Iused a double sided one, which will work best) various colors of twine, glitter + washi tape, metallic gift ties, inital glitter letters, glue, hole punch, natural leaves + branches, origami paper or tissue paper.
gift wrap supplies

2. Glittery + girly: Wrap the gift in a colorful gift wrap. Tape two metallic gift ties across both lengths. Glue a glittery initial letter of the recipients name on the cross section of the gift ties.
gift wrapping 1

3. Fun + simple: Wrap the gift in neutral gift wrapping paper. Take a sheet of origami or tissue paper and punch random holes with a hole puncher. Thread some striped twine between two of the holes, knot and make a bow. Tape onto neutral gift wrap. gift wrapping 2

3. Woodsy + wintery: wrap the gift in neutral colored gift wrapping paper. Take a branch, pretty leaf, or even a bunch of spices (such as cinnamon sticks, bunches of rosemary) and place in the center of the gift. Tape a piece of glittery tape across the length of the gift, making sure to firmly adhere the branch into place. Wrap red striped twine around the tape, knot in the back.
giftwrap 5


DIY Giftwrap 3 Ways

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3 thoughts on “How to: Giftwrap 3 Ways

  1. So pretty, and I love the last idea…I can imagine myself cutting off pieces of my Christmas tree until all the presents are wrapped! 🙂

  2. I like the ideas. It is easy to do but the finished look is great.

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