One Year

It seems almost unbelievable to say, but it’s been exactly one year since we published our first post (you can read it here).
What started as a small outlet to express our passions has turned into something that’s now become a daily part of our lives. We’ve gone from 12 views a day to this, and that’s something we’re grateful for.
While we keep working on getting better, we’d really like to hear your suggestions on how to improve- would you like more frequent posting, more of a certain type of post? Clearer text and instructions? We’re on it.
There’s so much to say about how we got started, so we’ve opened the floor to some of your general questions. Here are our answers.
And some bloopers.

Q: What motivated you to start Retrolillies?
Both:  To be honest, there wasn’t anything specific that motivated us to start this. This was at a time when we were discovering blogging, and Tumblr was getting really big. It just happened one day as we were browsing a fashion blog together and we said “why not? Why shouldn’t we share our creative ideas online?” It was kind of instantaneous, on a whim.
Q: How do you keep up the blog? Isn’t it hard to constantly come up with new material?
Both: It’s definitely sometimes a challenge to finish a post on time or get something out, but it’s all a part of the process, and we work it into our schedule. It’s really about mindset; while it’s annoying to stay up late on weekends tying up loose ends, the end really does justify the means.
 Q: Are all the recipes pictured here made just for blog content?
Chaya: At first, yes. Before starting Retrolillies, I’d never been big on anything culinary (as a matter of fact, I only learnt how to make an egg last year!). But then I thought we should include food here on the blog, since it’s definitely something we both enjoy, and it’s one of those things that’s necessary but also fun and inspirational. Now, it’s become a sort of passion, and I’ve definitely progressed since that first egg. I make most of the recipes.
Sara: I taste them. It’s intense.
Q: How and where do you shop? Do you go by what’s seasonal, what’s trendy, or is it just a matter of picking up clothes you like?
Sara: Funnily enough, I don’t really enjoy shopping and only go a couple of times a year. When I do shop, I’ll always buy clothes that are classy, and made to last, instead of cutesy or trendy. I’m a big fan of anything that includes lace, the color maroon, and a-line skirts. On a side note, I’ve lately been working on incorporating old clothes that have been stuffed away at the back of my closet into my outfits.
Chaya: I shop relatively often, but I have pretty specific taste, so buying is another story. It’s usually the little details that make it or break it for me- it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the item being seasonal or trendy. For example, I’ll buy a top with a studded collar, and in the Spring, I’ll wear it with a pastel pencil skirt and blazer, and in the winter, I’ll dress it up with a darker pleated skirt and a thick knit.
 Q: Where do you take your outfit pictures?
Chaya: I live in a suburban area, so most of the outfit pictures are taken in or around nature. However, I love grungy alleyways, interesting architecture, and colorful spaces, so I definitely do try to take pictures in such spaces as much as possible.
Q: Where do you shop? What are your favorite stores?
Chaya: I love Gap for basics, Anthropologie for their vintage style home accessories and skirts, J.Crew for anything girly and preppy, and Zara’s for trendy items. Also, lately I’ve been shopping Urban Outfitters, and they have a cool mix of tougher/eclectic items.
Sara: Anthropologie is my go-to for a great selection of dresses and sweaters, I always find shoes at Nordstrom’s, and I love that Century 21 has a huge selection of designer tights. I can also pretty much count on Phoebe Couture to make a whimsical printed dress in a variety of basic shapes.
Q: How often do you get together to put posts up?
Both: Generally, as often as we can, but a big part of it is done separately and we go over things on the phone, using webcam, and emailing back and forth. Before anything’s published, whether we’ve worked on that post together or not, we’ll run our work by each other.
Q: Who takes the pictures?
Both: The food photography is all Chaya, while the outfit posts are split; if Sara isn’t there, family will fill in. We both contribute pictures to Six Impossible Things.
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  1. Rochel on said:

    Love you Beautiful Girlies!

  2. consience on said:

    omg sooo cute!!!!!! luv u gyes

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